"When I write, I don't think...I just recite subconscious whispers."


I have reverence for the God in me and others, all unified in everlasting springs of our ocean of souls. I eat and I'm nourished in the bread of life..nurtured in the water of the spirit.
Today the possibilities of my experiences are unlimited. The Spirit flows through me, inspiring me and sustaining that inspiration. I possess ability and talent, busy utilizing them…
Marketed under a universal plan of God action. Life flies open to me…for me...Rich..Full..Abundant

"My thoughts morph innate relativity…opening doors toward spiritual enlightenment. I am one with infinite divinity…relishing within a celestial unity. Proceeding with human
fallibility…while fully accepting the God in me as my cohort toward infinite privilege.”


Antar Yusef

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Email: lindsayantar@gmail.com


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